Reel Meals in NYC: Movies & Times Square

From Spider-Man to Sex & The City, it's no secret that NYC has played a major role in many of our favorite films and television shows. We've (sort of) come to terms with the fact that we may never acquire Carrie's Manolo Blahnik collection or Peter Parker's superpowers, but we can still wine and dine like the characters of Hollywood classics by following their footsteps and taste palettes to some of the bars and restaurants they frequented.

Katz's Delicatessan

205 Houston St, NYC

When Harry Met Sally. In the Rob Reiner super-classic, Katz’s plays the quaint backdrop for actress Meg Ryan’s -ahem- expressive performance. If you’re familiar with the movie, we have no doubt that you know exactly what we’re talking about. On the off-chance you haven’t seen When Harry Met Sally for whatever reason, be sure to queue the rom-com classic on Netflix before checking out the classic NYC locale for yourself. Seeing as what Ryan’s character had isn’t exactly on the menu, we suggest opting into something a little more tangible (and appropriate) like the Katz’s Corned Beef Sandwich, which has brought the restaurant almost as much fame as the iconic film.

Joe's Pizza

7 Carmine St, NYC

Spider-Man. As paradigmatic as the popular film franchise is Joe's Pizza located at 7 Carmine Street, where the true identity of Maguire's Spider-Man, Peter Parker, worked as a delivery boy by day -- prior to tangling Gotham's delinquents in his web, of course. Although a slice hand-delivered by Tobey Maguire himself is highly unlikely, many celebrities actually do indeed frequent this famous establishment. With several locations across the city, the original in West Village tops the list in terms of gawking at A-listers and grabbing an amazing slice of margherita pizza. In fact, for those curious as to which celebs have chowed here, the restaurant's walls are even coated in framed photos of the encounters.


With visits from countless stars, from the Olsen Twins to Orlando Bloom and even the Kardashians, one might anticipate cheesy pizza served on fine chyna under candlelight. If that's the case, one would be sadly mistaken. Despite its fame and acclaim, this popular restaurant has maintains its quaint charm that we find much more appealing anyways.

Coyote Ugly Saloon

153, First Ave, NYC

An easy-going saloon best known for its resilient bartenders and the dramedy flick it inspired, Coyote Ugly is just as divey as depicted in the film. The accolades of the main character, part-time songbird/full-time dreamer, Violent Sanford are actually relatable to many NYC newcomers, making this locale a popular attraction. Those in attendance can expect plenty of cheap drinks, bartenders that double as bar-top dancers and an evening almost as memorable as Tyra Banks' attempt at playing a rough & tumble bartender in the quintessential, twenty-something self discovery adventure flick, Coyote Ugly.

Smith & Wollensky

797 Third Ave, NYC

American Psycho. Long before Christian Bale starred in American Psycho, Smith & Wollensky’s was a dubbed one of the best steakhouses in the city and continue to live up to the hype. In the film, Bale played Patrick Bateman, a serial killer with an affinity for the finer things in life. While it’s no secret that we have several grievances against the disturbed character, his taste is not one of them. If you’re insistent upon living up to the cinematic experience while dining at this exceptional venue, you’ll order your steak medium-rare sans hash browns but we recommend the Filet Mignon doused in Au Poivre or Scottish Salmon a la Waldorf with a side of sautéed spinach. To the majority, American Psycho made the restaurant legend but any New Yorker will be quick to remind you that in truth the outstanding service and exceptional menu that made Smith & Wollensky iconic well before the 1987 thriller.


75 Ninth Ave, NYC

Sex & the City. One does not simply discuss cinematic wining and dining in this city without discussing the Manhattan matriarchal guide to all that is NYC, Sex & the City. With six seasons, two movie installments and a countless number cosmopolitans sipped at countless locations, there are more noteworthy venues featured in SATC than Samantha had suitors. However, Buddakan stands out in particular as being a personal favorite. It's where Carrie and Mr. Big hosted a rehearsal dinner for the wedding we had all been waiting for with bated breath since Season 1 but also where city-dwellers go for the best contemporary Asian cuisine in the city. Whether you're looking for some place chic for a night out with your own Mr. Big or simply in pursuit of the perfect Spring Rolls, look no further than Chelsea's own, Buddakan.