Madame Tussaud @ 42nd Street Times Square
| Mitchika Andersson

Madame Tussauds' colorful wax exhibit illuminates the boisterous district of Times Square with comic relief while bearing an alarmingly dark history. The museum's iconic copper hand hovers above the multitude of neighboring fluorescent lights inviting thousands of tourists 365 days of the year. With over 200 meticulously sculpted celebrity look-a-likes, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, Derek Jeter, and Marilyn Monroe, Tussauds has exploded into a must-see NYC attraction topping the charts across Times Square's tourist hot spots.


Madame Tussaud's Macabre Past

Beyond the light-hearted humor of celebrity wax doppelgangers, Madame Tussauds' origins and road to fame was muddled with the grim monstrosities of The Reign of Terror during the political trials of The French Revolution in the late 1780's. Although she came from humble beginnings as an art tutor for King Louis XVI's sister, by living in high society at the Palace of Versailles and associating with France's aristocracy, she became a target of the Radicals. As the French Revolution murdered the aristocracy, Marie's expertise in wax modeling was her saving grace from nearly being executed by guillotine. The Reign of Terror initiated Marie's cadaverous career into crafting death masks of notorious executed aristocrats, some even former friends and acquaintances. Forced to compile raw human remains, Marie endured the horrors of simulating beheaded wax models paving the way for the Chamber of Horrors exhibit currently accessible in London. A true survivor of martyrdom, every glass eye and curled hair bears the weight of a humble French woman modeling wax from ill-fated souls.

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum - Major Tourist Attraction

Today's Wax Museum attractions have progressed into a vivid mega-gallery of icons of historical figures, film and sports stars, and the macabre best-known murderers. Times Square's Museum charmes thousands of spectators featuring roughly an hour of red-carpet wax adventures from Hollywood to Bollywood superstars. Collect dozens of playful family photos with life-sized Brangelina or hang out in "The White House" with Barack Obama. For a full-blown NYC cinema experience, Tussauds is currently presenting the Marvel 4D Super Heroes Film and Experience for the ultimate sensory rollercoaster including a 4D weather simulator spewing actual gusts of wind and rain. Venturing between floors, you'll be transported inside a glass elevator providing panoramic views of Times Square's 42nd Street.

Journey through NYC's best wax attraction for a rare visual masterpiece celebrating the spirit of Times Square.

* Strollers and wheelchairs are available upon request, and food and beverages can be purchased at the museum's cafe.