Best Deal in Times Square: Discount Broadway TKTS
| Mitchika Andersson

Beneath Times Square's infamous red flight of stairs, you'll discover a Broadway gold mine operated by TKTS supplying thousands of discounted tickets to avid theatre fans. Rapidly making Broadway accessible to the public, patrons have quickly discovered the ease of reserving their seat of choice amongst today’s premier theatre productions. Moreover, TKTS does more than supply theatre aficionados with unbeatable ticket prices. This Times Square location benefits the non-for-profit service organization, Theatre Development Fund (TDF), and promotes New York City's arts education in an effort to support neighboring theatre communities. Glorified as a Times Square landmark, the ruby steps of Father Duffy Square endorse theatrical arts while providing front row seats to the progressive streets of Times Square.

The reconstruction of the original Times Square TKTS booth revolutionized the way New York City's onlookers can digest the urban cityscape. TKTS held one of the largest, international design competitions settling on Choi Ropiha's award-winning concept, which demonstrated both function and originality. Recognized as one of the largest, load-bearing glass structures in the world, the 79 square meter booth is built with an internal geo-thermal system providing heating and cooling for staff members working behind the glass. The scarlet steps have made several Hollywood "debuts", including Will Smith's blockbuster film, "I Am Legend", and Alicia Keys and Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" music video. Operating successfully since 2008, TKTS will inevitably remain one of Times Square's timeless architectural attractions.

Aside from impressive architectural aesthetics, TKTS processes a whopping average of 650 customers per hour providing Broadway, Off Broadway, and Off-Off Broadway tickets to thousands of theatre patrons. Organized by TDF, customers can purchase discounted, same-day tickets of up to 30-50% off, and advance ticket purchases with a limit of up to 6 tickets per person. TKTS conveniently now accepts all forms of payment: cash, credit cards, TDF gift certificates, traveler's checks, and Bitcoin. Although all tickets are subject to a small service charge, this portion of proceeds is your contribution to supporting TDF with their educational programs. For the most up-to-date listings, the TKTS mobile app is highly recommended for accuracy, and makes the hour-long wait in line less painful.

Head "under the red steps" in Father Duffy Square for the best deals in Broadway shows or nab seating atop the booth for incomparable views at the core of Times Square.