An American in Paris: French Dining in Times Square
| Daniel Walters

An American in Paris…Well, sort of. Although you may come across a Broadway marquee with this title cast in glistening lights, we are actually referencing your search for classic French fare in the most famed neighborhood in New York City and arguably the world, Times Square. From aperitifs to four-course indulgence, family dining to coquette affairs, joie de vivre (joy for life) is always on the menu at these Times Square favorites of the Parisian persuasion. Without further ado, bon appetit!

Image courtesy of Marseille


630 Ninth Ave xx W 44th & 45th

Conjuring au courant visions of Yves Saint Laurent meets classic Parisian brasserie, the warm glow of this midtown hotspot entices chic citydwellers and newcomers alike. Infusing its namesake port city muse into its cuisine, Marseille serves up authentic French cuisine and décor with a side of Mediterranean influence that makes it a dynamically delicious locale. From the restaurant’s signature Bouillabaisse to discernible like steak frites to one of the city’s most savory crème brûlée, Marseille impeccably cater to any palette, leaving a delightfully lasting impression on the tastebuds of any guest.

Image courtesy of Chez Napoléon

Chez Napoléon

354 W 50th St xx 8th & 9th Ave

When it comes to quenching your craving for tried-and-true French dining, the crowd, cuisine and atmosphere on display at Chez Napoléon are as authentic as it gets. Although some of the names, faces and furnishings have changed since the 1960 opening, this restaurant’s timeless charm, savory cuisine and famous martinis have remained the same, making it a neighborhood classic. Before a night out in New York City or making your way to the theatre, take your tastebuds on an Eat-Pray-Love journey at the critically acclaimed Chez Napoléon.

Image courtesy of Brasserie


100 E 53rd St xx Park & Lexington Ave

Coined by ZAGAT as an “essential NYC” restaurant, Brasserie is the epitome of Parisian chic. Nestled within Times Square’s skyscraping Seagram Building, this glass-centric destination presents classic French cuisine with a distinctly modern twist. With signature dishes like their world-famous French Onion Soup, noteworthy Towering Seafood Plateaux and a Weekend Brunch not to be missed in tote with ultra-sleek atmosphere, Brasserie possesses a certain je ne sais quoi that makes a midday glass of Riesling only fitting.